Why Choose Us?

doyle + associates is the force behind the success of many high profile retail and museum store concepts. Our substantial experience in all phases of retail store profitability, retail management and operations combined with our broad understanding of the retail industry and current market trends makes us leaders in planning, developing, designing and improving retail stores for museums and specialty market retailers. Why us?


  • We have over 20 years of diversified retail planning and management experience.
  • We have extensive experience in the museum store, independent and specialty market retail industry.
  • Our retail solutions are inspired, practical, and timeless.
  • Our multi-faceted associates are experienced, professional and entrepreneurial.
  • We use collaborative and responsive team dynamics to ensure your project success.
  • We utilize extensive retail industry research that aids us in developing retail strategies that will broaden your market base and increase your stores profitability.
  • Our experience and unique insight helps us develop strategies for independent retailers enabling them to become more competitive and our detailed forecasting ensures that our clients are current with selling and consumer trends.
  • We create spirited, exciting retail spaces that are cohesive within the context of their mission and location.
  • We understand the ’big picture’ and how the museum retail store needs to interact and respond to other organizational departments. We understand the store’s role in reinforcing the institutions mission, attaining fiscal goals and enhancing the visitor’s experience.
  • We achieve retail success because we:
    • We pay attention to the details
    • We hear and understand what a client is communicating-we listen
    • We always remain cognizant of team dynamics and partnerships
    • We never lose sight of the goal-your store’s success in the retail marketplace